Using Kiple Mobile Wallet @ The Daily Grind, Bangsar

This post covers two things:

1. Kiple, a mobile wallet app I used to pay for my lunch at The Daily Grind.

2. My lunch experience at The Daily Grind. To jump straight to the post, please click here.

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Kiple is an app developed by a fintech startup of the same name. It is a mobile wallet to help users make the process of payments easier. Admittedly, the product is young but I’ve personally met with the team behind the growth of the app and they are enthusiastic and full of energy. Their aim is to make the app better, easier to use and to grow the list of businesses that would accept Kiple as a form of payment.

Originally, I wasn’t really convinced if I needed such an app. In the video above, I decided to try it for the first time and was amazed by the experience. It’s just one of those things you’ll never know until you give it a try.

Especially for women who carry handbags, I didn’t realise how much I dread the whole process of fishing around in my bag for money or cards. Since my phone is almost always in my hands and within reach, paying for my lunch was a breeze.

The best thing about Kiple is the ten percent cashback every time you use the app to pay for anything. Five percent of the cashback goes to your Kiplecash while the other five percent goes to your favourite store. So if your favourite store is not yet listed on Kiple, I suggest giving them a nudge on their very responsive Facebook page.

There is also an option to withdraw your cash from Kiple if you’re ever strapped for cash. I think it’s great that they provided this option and further contribute to a better culture of refunds in this country (which is practically non existent at the moment).

Do check out the app, they are available for download on GooglePlay and AppleStore.

As for me, I’m going to top up my mobile phone through Kiple and save ten percent!


The Daily Grind Gourmet Burgers, Bangsar Village

Opening hours: Everyday from 11am to 11pm

Location: At the entrance of Bangsar Village I opposite Starbucks. The Bangsar branch is the main one but it seems that they have opened another branch in Ampang, not too far away from La Risata!

Like the name, they claim to serve gourmet burgers and other Western comfort foods. Personally, I think if you want a hearty meal that has a lot of meat in it, this is a good place to be. Something about the setting of the restaurant made me feel like I can discard any sort of pretense and just tuck in to enjoy good food.

There were only two of us on that day, so we ordered the Mini Burger Sampler and the Pulled Beef Burger.


The Mini Burger Sampler is a regular part of the menu and a convenient choice for people who want to try a lot of things at the same time. The burgers look small but at the end of it, I was really full. For the sides, you have a choice of salad, fries or tapioca chips. I took the salad because I don’t usually finish potato sides, but the the tapioca chips were really good! I recommend you try that.

The samplers are miniature versions of the Japanese Yodel Burger (beef)Lambugerni (lamb) and Classic Chicken Burger with Cheese.

The beef and lamb patties were medium done (just the way I like it) and the chicken burger was soft and juicy, although there was a bit too much mustard for my liking. The beef burger has this amazingly good cheese sauce, although you have to be careful if you don’t like blue cheese, because I thought I detected a hint of it. The lamb burger was quite simple. Nothing special I think but still a decent burger.

The salad was fresh and crunchy and nice, but if like me, you don’t like sour things, tell them not to put the dressing. I think it was probably balsamic vinegar and it was so sour that finishing it was a huge feat for me. I’m sure they will be okay with switching the salad dressing to something else, like plain olive oil. That would have worked.


The Pulled Beef Burger is not the regular menu as it is part of the Monthly Special offerings.

The beef was marinated in a sweet-tasting sauce contrasted with occasional heat from a handful of pickled chillies. I thought the combination worked really well. I’m not usually a fan of sweet sauce on meat and I definitely do not like pickled things, so it’s saying something.

You have to be quick in eating it though as the meat cools down quite fast.



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