The Daily Grind



Strategically located on the lower ground floor of Bangsar Village 1 and easily accessible from the street, The Daily Grind feels like a modern and chic interpretation of an American diner. Long benches stretch along the white brick walls of the inner dining space, while the bar area appropriately benefits from bar height tables and seating. In the day, the two seating areas are a perfect contrast; the bar faces Jalan Telawi so is bright and lively while the inner dining area is subdued and relaxing.



Get your appetite going with the dynamite chicken wings and stuffed jalapeno peppers, which are a nice and spicy start to the meal.

‘Gourmet Burgers’ is boldly stamped on The Daily Grind logo and this is exactly what they are all about. The G’Day Burger is an Aussie burger, which means that apart from the beef patty, beef bacon and cheddar cheese, you also get roasted beetroot, a slice of pineapple and a fried egg. Cooked perfectly to medium doneness and served on a wooden cutting board with a generous amount of French fries, this dish is a hearty meal. The adventurous should try the more interesting combinations – the Downtown Tokyo Burger substitutes the patty for a briny deep-fried soft shell crab with a topping of wasabi mayo and rocket leaves to balance out the flavours. Meanwhile the Lamburgeni, a Mediterranean-inspired grilled lamb burger, is an absolute showstopper. Bold flavours are perfectly layered through this burger as the toppings of grilled vegetables, peppers and a smoky tomato sauce complement the juicy medium rare patty to perfection. Every bite entices you to the next one.

Finish off your meal with the Banoffle, a unique concoction of waffle, coffee cream, peanut butter and caramelised banana. If you love desserts, then this sweet treat is a must-try.


While the wine menu isn’t extensive, there are many cocktails, mocktails, straight liquors and beers to choose from. To counter a heavy meal, the watermelon martini and pina colada are well balanced and delicious. An equally delicious treat is the refreshing Coolcumber, a mocktail comprising cucumber, mint, lime and soda water. 


Service is mostly prompt and precise. Although the drinks took a while, they arrived perfectly chilled. Staff were well aware of how long the burgers would take to cook, down to the precise odd number of minutes. They were also fairly knowledgeable about the menu and were able to make solid recommendations.


Price   $$$$$

RM100/Per person

Portion sizes are very respectable and fair for the price and quality of the food. Small eaters may even be able to share a single meal, or a single burger and still be adequately satisfied. Even the alcoholic drinks are fairly priced meeting the average standard if not slightly cheaper.