10 Best Waffles In KL That Will Make Your Mouth Water

It’s amazing what joys the simple things in life bring, just like how a freshly-made waffle conjures warm fuzzy feelings soon as the crisp; comforting aroma fills your nostrils. Today marks International Waffle Day, a Swedish tradition that is celebrated with; you got that right – eating waffles. To pay homage to this special day, here are 10 mind-blowing waffles in KL every self-professed foodie must try at least once in their lifetime!


1. Madame Waffle @ Mid Valley



It’s a match made in heaven, the waffles at Madame Waffle. With the tagline ‘Belgian waffles meet Japanese flavours’, one can only imagine the flavours from the Liege waffles mingled with a touch of Tokyo. Waffles are mad from ingredients sourced from the Land of the Rising Sun, in a variety of flavours like the Original vanilla and pearl sugar infusion, Matcha, Belgian dark chocolate and honey-cinnamon. The gems are fragrant and perfectly crisp outer layer and fluffiness within. You can also opt for sit-down tea breaks of gelato-topped waffles too!

Prices start from RM5.90.


2. Chequers @ TTDI



This one’s for every hardcore waffle lover. If your ideal world looks like waffles for breakfast, lunch and dinner, it’s high time you pay KL’s first waffle café, Chequers, to sample their menu of sweet and savoury waffles. Here, it’s a game up from waffles & chicken sorta savoury dish – think creations like Chicken Square with spicy waffles, chicken, slaw and sriracha, Moo Moo, a sirloin beef waffle burger, and a waffled Eggs Benedict paired with watercress salad to challenge your waffle endurance.

Prices start from RM8.


3. Standing Theory @ SS2

Standing Theory-002


Another one for those of you with an incurable waffle fetish is Standing Theory. This café is famous for their waffles, namely the BBC Waffles featuring horse-cured non-halal bacon, bananas and Fatbaby cornflake ice cream. Yup, you can have ice cream WITH your bacon! Another option for the not so (literal) faint-hearted is their signature Fried Chicken & Waffles. If you’ve more of a sweet tooth, settle for Waffles with Coconut Candy ice cream. Definitely not for the low-carb dieters.

Price per item no more than RM20.


4. Thirdwave @ Nexus, Bangsar Wave



For a place that’s popular for their coffee culture, Thirdwave’s waffles is sure giving the caffeine menu a run for their money. Waffle lovers flock to this café for the eclectic, cosy environment to enjoy, some might claim, one of the best waffles ever tried. This dessert has the right amount of crispy outer layer and fluffiness within, served with New Zealand Kapiti vanilla ice cream. This osmanthus-infused treat is thoughfully sprinkled with flowers, banana medallion and berries too.

Priced at RM19.


5. Ecole P @ Damansara Utama



Just when you thought you’ve seen it all, whimsical café Ecole P presents a marriage of Hong Kong style egg waffles with the treats of classic childhood treats. The crisp waffles are buried under a tumble of honey stars, marshmallow, Oreo bits, dark chocolate nibs, Nutella and Peanut Butter Sauce, and topped with Kapiti triple chocolate ice cream. Sounds like the cure-all to nostalgic sweets, but a nightmare for diabetics.

Priced at RM14.90.


6. Wafflemeister @ KLCC



If you happen to be in KL and craving for a quick sugar fix, drop by UK waffle chain Wafflemeister’s first Southeast Asian branch in KLCC to try their exceptional Leige waffles. Waffles are chewy and dense on the outside and soft inside – good enough to eat on their own even! If you like, you may choose from spread of toppings such as fruits, chocolate chips, marshmallows and even premium gelato, and a drizzle of chocolate, for an instant trip to cloud nine!

Prices start from RM10.


7. La Crêperie de Caroline @ Jalan Telawi



Besides their delicious sweet and savoury crepes, the highlight at La Crêperie is apparently, their heavenly waffles. While they are delightful on the tongue, they apparently love your tummy too. Waffles here are made without butter and instead, uses a different recipe that is light but equally mouth-watering. Diners can opt for the Homemade Salted Butter Waffle or one with Fresh Fruits and Whipped Cream.

Prices start from RM21.



8. Inside Scoop @ Jalan Telawi



No waffle listing will be complete without mentioning this wildly popular ice cream joint! Their offerings are straightforward but hit the mark – homemade, creamy ice cream and the perfect crunchy-fluffy, buttery and eggy waffle. How the ice cream and waffle complement each other effortlessly yet go so well simultaneously is beyond us. Come here for straight-up comfort treats.

Prices start from RM13.80.



9. The Daily Grind @ Bangsar Village



Got a big appetite for waffles? The next time you feel like whacking one up as a meal, sample the decadent, in-your-face Old Fashioned Waffles, the star of The Daily Grind’s dessert menu. It’s a recipe for pure indulgence, featuring a sandwich waffle of HEAPED whipped cream and fresh strawberries, with a side of vanilla ice cream and maple syrup to drizzle. Heavenly.

Priced at RM18.



10. The Owl’s Café @ Bukit Jalil



Just like the quirky, comfy and intimate interior of this café, the waffles at The Owl’s Café transports one to a world of good thoughts and happy memories. This café is fast gaining a reputation for their creative waffles, such as the Rebecca Waffle topped with fruits, coconut shreds and a scoop of homemade Earl Grey ice cream, but best of all, the Milo Dinosaur, a chocolatey creation of dark chocolate, coco crunch, marshmallows, and lots of milo powder dusting. Guaranteed to bring all Milo fanatics to their yard!

Prices start from RM15.


Go forth and toast to the invention of waffles by enjoying one or two or more…

If that’s not good enough reason, this should be:

“ You should eat a waffle! You can’t be sad if you eat a waffle!” – Lauren Myracle